Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elizabeth - 3 Weeks Old

As you may well imagine, I haven't blogged since our baby girl came home. Still trying to figure out how to best use my spare moments and prioritize. Here's how life is breaking down for now:
1. Sleep
2a. Food for baby and related outputs
2b. Food for mom
2c. Food for dog
3. Laundry
4. Everything else (which includes blogging and posting pictures I'm sorry to say :)

But really, this isn't a complaint. I'm loving every minute of it (minus that latching on part). I have the most beautiful and intelligent baby girl on the planet and I get to say she's mine. I'm on cloud nine. It has helped immensely that she is a very easy baby, thus far anyway. She only cries when she has something wrong and stops when it is remedied. She is sleeping through the night except for her one, middle of the night feeding. I am SO lucky and grateful that she's taken it easy on me - I suppose I should be concerned that the karma could change when she's a teenager because parent has to pay some dues at some point.


Stacey said...

Wow! Sounds like she is taking it easy on you. Can you send some of that baby karma my way? I'm glad to hear that all is going well. She's a beautiful baby!

Erin said...

SJ - Congratulations! She is so cute - glad she is being good for you : ) Can you post her birth stats next time you blog?

Take care - EOB

JimJ said...

Parents never have to pay dues. Enjoy. She will be perfect forever. Speaking objectivily, as a grandpa who has personally observed this Elizabeth Gwen and her beaming parents, the universe has never known such joy and perfection. I see great things for her future: President, Philanthropist, CEO with large bailout, talks to animals. How much better can it get.